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About Legion

Legion Collegiate Academy Education Program

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Legion Collegiate Academy to serve high school students, in a small, safe, family-centered setting, who seek the opportunity and challenge of a rigorous curriculum, high academic standards, and elite athletics while earning up to two years of college credit during high school.

LCA Vision Statement

  • Graduate as responsible and contributing citizens.
  • Graduate with a high school diploma and transferable dual-enrollment credits of up to 60 transferable hours.
  • Graduate already immersed in the culture of college and therefore ready
  • Be provided the necessary coaching and skill development to be successful beyond high school.
  • Develop into leaders through athletic competition and service-learning.
  • Attain educational, personal, and career-awareness skills in smaller (1:25 or lower) classes.
  • Benefit from a multi-ethnic community in which parents, business partners, administrators, students, and staff work together to create a holistic environment where everyone can learn and respect one another.
  • Acquire an education through innovative techniques to enhance lifelong learning through technology and varied instructional strategies.

Hours of Instruction

LCA students will receive 165 hours of instruction per course (credit), plus needed interventions.