Meet the Principal Web Developer April 1, 2022

Meet the Principal

Julie Marshall
Interim Principal

Dr. Julie Marshall, Legion's 2022-23 Principal

After 30 years of service in elementary and secondary education and ten years at the university level, Dr. Julie Marshall joined Legion Collegiate Academy as Dean of English/Social Studies and Compliance. Her experiences in teaching, research, leadership, advocacy, and program development fueled her interest in the high school collegiate model, which provides students and families with academic and athletic choices not available through the traditional public system. With the high cost of college tuition/fees, she embraces the life-changing opportunity for students in our community to earn up to 60 hours of college credit at no charge.

Dr. Marshall holds a BA in Education from Clemson University, an MEd in Guidance and Counseling from Winthrop University, National Board Certification, and an EdD in Leadership from Walden University. She won many state and national awards during her career, including selection as a National Teacher of Excellence, Global Teaching Fellow, RHSD Teacher of the Year, SC Honor Roll Teacher of the Year, and National Teacher Who Makes a Difference.

She helped develop the teaching endorsement for Teachers of Students From Poverty for South Carolina and actively shaped state education policy as the Legislative Chair for the SCEA. Locally she serves on the City of Rock Hill’s Talent Pipeline and volunteered with Economic Development. Her work as a grant writer has garnered over a quarter of a million dollars in grant funding for underserved populations and active learning theory. In addition, her published blogs and Ted Talk afforded her opportunities to conduct national and international professional training.

Dr. Marshall’s leadership philosophy is anchored in fostering positive relationships with all students, parents, staff, and community leaders through open lines of communication and a student-centered approach. She believes emphasizing classroom rigor, personalized experiences, the split schedule option, and elite athletic opportunities will enhance student growth. Her strong sense of family carries from her life at home to her life at school. She aims to expand community partnerships and internships, connecting Lancers with the world beyond the classroom and athletic arena.

Elenor Roosevelt stated, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Julie is quick to acknowledge that “Legion was built on the dreams of those before me. I am extremely humbled and honored to be in the position to add to this rich and powerful legacy and to leave it stronger for those who follow me. My passion is guiding others to identify their goals while helping them develop paths to achieve them. I invite you to join me as we work together to achieve our collective goals at the Castle”. Onward Lancers! Swords Up!